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Gene Clem
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Response to Senator Ted Cruz


We Tea Party organizers and leaders in the state of Michigan salute Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, members of the first class of Tea Party Senators to enter Congress.  They have energized Tea Party and other conservatives across the nation who were growing weary from all the hours and personal treasure that we have expended with seemingly little results. They have refreshed and re-energized us as true leaders of the conservative cause.
We need not detail all the faults of the PPACA (aka 'Obamacare') as they have been recited over and over to the media and others in Congress by many of us. We have only been partially successful in the state of Michigan in blocking the implementation here and greatly appreciate the efforts of these two Senators in Washington DC.  We are cheering them on and praying for their success and the for very life of our nation. Their efforts are key to the survival of our Republic.
Again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for their leadership and courage in standing for what is right over what is expedient.  Let this also be a message of a different sort to those Republicans and the 'sunshine patriots' who are trying to stop their efforts. 


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